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  • Cinnamon Cookies

    Cinnamon Cookies (3)

    Cinnamon cookies from the ones you never stop at! Easy, crunchy and fragrant ready for your vaporizer! Ingredients Capella Flavors Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2 42,88% FlavourArt (FA) COOKIE - BISCUIT 57,12% Total Percentage: 7%
  • Soho Beauty

    Soho Beauty (3)

    An exceptional fragrance (Flavor Art Soho) that with a little RY4 magic reached the top of the taste! Ingredients FlavourArt (FA) RY4 11,73% FlavourArt (FA) Soho 88.27 Total Percentage: 17%
  • Vanilla Cookies

    Vanilla Cookies (5)

    Is there anyone who does not love cookies? A delicacy that no one can resist. This particular recipe is a temptation. Crispy cookies with a strong smell of vanilla and caramel, a combination that will move you. The presence of Nut Mix is ​​a complex combination, very special, a real temptation that will not go unnoticed. The specific recipe…
  • Cocoa cookies

    Cocoa cookies (5)

    Who can resist the smell of chocolate chip cookies with caramel filling? A temptation recipe that you will love to vaporize in your electronic cigarette! Freshly baked cookies with this strong smell of cocoa and caramel flooding the senses and enchanting us. Vienna Cream helps to highlight the ingredients by giving shades of vanilla and butter. One recipe, thousands…
  • Lemon Parfait

    Lemon Parfait (5)

    Lemon Sicily adds the taste of Limoncello lemon liqueur. The feeling of the tart is generously given by Custard Cream, which blends harmoniously with the lemon and gives notes of celebration. Meringue and Torrone sweeten our mix, just like in real dessert. It will give you vitality and rejuvenate you! Try it! DIY Ingredients Y