Curieux Flavour Shot Tiramisu


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This Tiramisu is Curieux’s interpretation of the most famous Italian dessert. A layer of mascarpone cream on fluffy savoyard cookies, soaked in coffee syrup, and with the necessary cocoa powder on top. Curieux’s Tiramisu won the 3rd best prize for gourmet liquid at Vapexpo in Paris in 2019.

  • Mascarpone cream
  • Savoyar
  • Coffee Syrup
  • Cocoa
  • Tiramisu

Πίνακας δημιουργίας 60 ml Ατμιστικού Υγρού με 20ml Flavor Concentrate ή Flavor Shot.

Ο Παρακάτω πίνακας καλύπτει τα Flavor Concentrates ή Flavor Shots με Προτεινόμενη αναλογία αρώματος 33.33%.
Περιεκτικότητα σε Νικοτίνη (mg/ml)Νικοτινούχα Βάση 20 mgΜη Νικοτινούχα ΒάσηFlavor ConcentrateΣυνολική ποσότητα ατμιστικού υγρού
0 mg/ml0ml40ml20ml60ml
1 mg/ml3ml37ml20ml60ml
2 mg/ml6ml34ml20ml60ml
3 mg/ml9ml31ml20ml60ml
4 mg/ml12ml28ml20ml60ml
5 mg/ml15ml25ml20ml60ml
6 mg/ml18ml22ml20ml60ml
7 mg/ml21ml19ml20ml60ml
8 mg/ml24ml16ml20ml60ml
9 mg/ml27ml13ml20ml60ml
10 mg/ml30ml10ml20ml60ml
11 mg/ml33ml7ml20ml60ml
12 mg/ml36ml4ml20ml60ml
13 mg/ml39ml1ml20ml60ml

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