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F Mesh 0.14 Ohm by Horizon Tech

Compatibility with:
  • F
Wire Type: 
  • Mesh
Type of absorbent material: 

3 reviews for FALCON 2 MESH 0.14 OHM BY HORIZON TECH

  1. kkazantzbuyer (confirmed owner) -

    What can I say, he took out 90ml of liquid and the last round had exactly the same taste and the same resolution as the first…
    I have not come across it in any other factory vaporizer, unique Just unique.
    I find tons of liquids that I knew and I vaporize them with other vaporizers that I did not think existed in those liquids. I can continue to write infinitely good words about this particular head.
    I think that is enough of what I said!

  2. kzazantzogloutst (confirmed owner) -

    the ultimate factory resistance for taste right now!

  3. vapetraveller (confirmed owner) -

    These Coils are wonderful! They produce excellent taste and are easy to install. Based on my usage, I get about 2 weeks from a coil with which I am happy with the price!

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