Ghost Train 30/120ML by Steam Train


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Frozen μάνγκο. Take a ride on the Ghost Train and give yourself the chance to live an absolutely fantastic dining experience! Made for true lovers of rich and at the same time frozen coexistence. A seductive combination that will make you unable to resist.

Creation table 120 ml Vaporizing Liquid with 30ml Flavor Concentrate or Flavor Shot.

Nicotine content (mg / ml)Nicotine Base 20 mgNon-Nicotine BaseFlavor ConcentrateTotal amount of vaporizing liquid
0 mg / ml0 ml90 ml30 ml120 ml
1 mg / ml6 ml84 ml30 ml120 ml
2 mg / ml12 ml78 ml30 ml120 ml
3 mg / ml18 ml72 ml30 ml120 ml
4 mg / ml24 ml66 ml30 ml120 ml
5 mg / ml30 ml60 ml30 ml120 ml
6 mg / ml36 ml54 ml30 ml120 ml
7 mg / ml42 ml48 ml30 ml120 ml
8 mg / ml48 ml42 ml30 ml120 ml
9 mg / ml54 ml36 ml30 ml120 ml
10 mg / ml60 ml30 ml30 ml120 ml
11 mg / ml66 ml24 ml30 ml120 ml
12 mg / ml72 ml18 ml30 ml120 ml
13 mg / ml78 ml12 ml30 ml120 ml
14 mg / ml84 ml6 ml30 ml600 ml
15 mg / ml90 ml0 ml30 ml120 ml
The table below covers Flavor Concentrates or Flavor Shot with a Recommended Fragrance Rate of 25%.

Alternative Suggestions Fruity Flavors

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