Dinner Lady Flavour Shot Caramel Tobacco 30ml


10ml content in bottle 30ml
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In Dinner Lady’s Caramel Tobacco, classic tobacco base is mixed
with rich vanilla custard, baked caramel and notes of flower honey!

An immersive, velvety dessert and at the same time a smoky taste.
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  • * Packaging: 10ml liquid in 30ml bottle
  • * Nicotine Levels: No Nicotine
  • * Childproof cap: Yes

Πίνακας δημιουργίας 30 ml Ατμιστικού Υγρού με 10ml Flavor Concentrate ή Flavor Shot.

Ο Παρακάτω πίνακας καλύπτει τα Flavor Concentrates ή Flavor Shots με Προτεινόμενη αναλογία αρώματος 33.33%.
Περιεκτικότητα σε Νικοτίνη (mg/ml)Νικοτινούχα Βάση 20 mgΜη Νικοτινούχα ΒάσηFlavor ConcentrateΣυνολική ποσότητα ατμιστικού υγρού
0 mg/ml0ml20ml10ml30ml
1 mg/ml1.50ml18.5ml10ml30ml
2 mg/ml3ml17ml10ml30ml
3 mg/ml4.50ml15.50ml10ml30ml
4 mg/ml6ml14ml10ml30ml
5 mg/ml7.50ml12.50ml10ml30ml
6 mg/ml9ml11ml10ml30ml
7 mg/ml10.50ml9.50ml10ml30ml
8 mg/ml12ml8ml10ml30ml
9 mg/ml13.50ml6.50ml10ml30ml
10 mg/ml15ml5ml10ml30ml
11 mg/ml16.50ml3.50ml10ml30ml
12 mg/ml18ml2ml10ml30ml
-Store in a cool and shady place away from children and pets.
-For the full list of bases, nicotine or without, that you will need for the preparation of the liquid,
click here for nicotine-free bases

CAUTION: This product is not intended for direct use.
It is a concentrated aroma and needs further processing and dissolution.

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Weight 12 g
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